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Baby Doe Tabor

NO story, fictional or true, more accurately depicts Colorado’s early history than this world famous true rags-to-riches and back-to-rags story... it is the very

essence of Colorado’s early mining days of hard living. It was a time called the era of top hats and tenderloins, and it was boom or bust.  It was Leadville, Colorado.

Elizabeth McCourt, or “Baby Doe” as she is best remembered, married one of the wealthiest men in the country... Horace Tabor, Leadville, Colorado’s most prominent “Silver King.”  In doing so, she became part of one of the nation’s most famous love triangles.  Horace Tabor, some 25 years her senior, fell in love with Baby Doe almost instantly, and with her by his side, used his millions to build a legacy that fascinates the world to this day.

Elizabeth McCourt

“Baby Doe”

(taken around 1880)

Horace Tabor

(taken about the time

he met Baby Doe)

The flamboyant lifestyle of the Tabor’s crumbled after the silver crash of 1893, and Horace quickly found himself going from one of the riches men in the nation to hauling slag from the mines in Leadville at $3/day.  


He died broke in 1899 leaving Baby and their two daughters without a penny to their name.

Even after losing virtually everything, Baby Doe fought desperately to regain possession of and restore the production of the Matchless Mine, believing her husband’s undying faith that the Matchless would produce again.

Baby’s Stillborn Child Mystery

The Famous Matchless Mine

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