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The Facts & Mysteries Behind Baby Doe’s Stillborn Child

The Known Facts:

During her first and tenuous marriage to Harvey Doe Jr., “Baby” Doe gave birth to a stillborn baby boy while living in Central City, Colorado.


She and Harvey Doe had been having both financial and marital problems, and before (and during) a separation when Harvey had gone back to his mother in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, “Baby” had found solace and friendship with a local Central City merchant named Jacob Sandelowsky (a/k/a Jake Sands).


Or was it purely friendship?...

Jake “Sands” Sandelowsky

The Mystery:

Jake Sands, as he later changed his name to, was a handsome, dark curly-haired, and successful clothing merchant in Central City and Blackhawk gold mining districts, and he and “Baby” were frequently seen together at the not-so-conservative Shoo-Fly Saloon during Harvey’s absences.  The Shoo-Fly was not a place for a  “respectable” lady to be seen. Rowdy miners looking for more than a drink, frequented the saloon.

No name was ever given to the tiny, stillborn baby; nor was Harvey Doe in Central City at the time “Baby” gave birth to the child.  While “Baby” claimed the child was her’s and Harvey’s son, Jake Sands readily took care of all the birthing and funeral arrangements himself.


The only clue left behind about the baby was a handwritten note found in “Baby’s” scrapbook after her death, with dried flowers gently placed around the handwritten words on the page:  “My baby boy, born July 13, 1879, had dark hair very curly large  blue eyes he was lovely, Baby Doe.”  (To the right is a re-creation of this scrapbook image).


Letters from “Baby” Doe’s scrapbook also tantalize our imaginations about her true relationship with Jake (Sands) Sandelowsky:


“My Darling Love... I remain yours and ever.  Jake”


“...hope to hear from you by return mail.  I remain yours ever and ever.  Jake”

Re-creation of item found in “Baby’s” scrapbook after her death.

Baby Doe & Harvey Doe Divorce Mystery